12, 19, 25 June and 3 July.


Summer Place, 69 Melville Road, Hyde Park


Duration: 2 hours per seminar, starting at 8:30am.


• Registration and coffee – 25 minutes.
• Opening address and introduction of keynote speaker – 10 minutes.
• First Keynote address – 25 minutes.
• Second Keynote address – 25 minutes
• Questions and comments from the floor – 25.
• Thank you and closing – 10 minutes.


12 June: Sustainability (health and safety, corporate citizenship, community development, environment).

All over the world, "sustainability" issues are key to mining and to relationships between mining companies and their stakeholders. Long-term and extensive investor commitment is needed, while host societies, communities and workforces expect socially and environmentally responsible operational methods. In South Africa we have the additional factor of the need to deal with mining's apartheid legacy. How do we meet this challenge?

Speakers: May Hermanus and Bheki Sibiya

19 June: Minerals based industrialisation (beneficiation, mining input industries, enterprise development and procurement).

If a country is as richly endowed as South Africa is with natural resources, does it not follow that it should derive at least part of its economic growth through downstream and upstream industrialisation based on these natural resources? What are the opportunities and how can they be met? What are the obstacles, and how can they be oversome?

Speakers: Iraj Abedian & Peter Craven

25 June: State participation in the mining industry (Taxes, royalties, a state mining company, indigenisation and nationalisation).

How do the governments of resource-rich nations ensure that their citizens enjoy a fair share of the benefits of the exploitation of their non-renewable resources? The world has seen nationalisation, indigenisation, compulsory state minority shareholdings in mining operations and state mining companies operating in competition with the private sector, What works, in what circumstances and what does not? And what constitutes a fair, appropriate and sustainable tax regime?

Speakers: Mzukisi Qobo and Paul Jourdan

3 July: The future (strategic minerals, minerals commission, exploration, Super ministry).

What is the future of South Africa's natural resource sector? How is it best administered and regulated? What does South Africa need to secure this future and make it beneficial for the majority of the citizens without making the industries unprofitable, or South Africa an unattractive investment destination?

Invited speakers: Mark Cutifani, Abiel Mngomezulu and Fred Gona

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