19 June

  • Abiel Mngomezulu
    President & Chief Executive officer


    Abiel graduated with a junior degree from the University of the North in 1980, Honours degree in Geology from the University of Zululand in 1985 and a Graduate Diploma in Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1999.

    He started his working career in November 1979 as an exploration geologist where he made a few discoveries. Later, he worked on the Wits Gold mines, both as a mine geologist and as an exploration geologist specializing in deep borehole drilling.

    He joined the Department of Minerals and Energy (the DME) in December 1999 as a Director: Mineral Economics. He later became the Chief Director: Mineral Promotion and left the DME as the Deputy Director General for Mineral Policy and Promotion in August 2007. His main tasks at the DME included the promotion of the mining industry of South Africa with emphasis on small enterprise development and beneficiation, formulation of legislative framework and the monitoring thereof.

    Abiel Mngomezulu is the past non executive director of the Council for Geoscience, Mintek, the South African Diamond Board and the State Diamond Trader.

    He is the current CEO and President of Mintek, a non executive director of the African Exploration, Mining and Finance Company and Merafe Resources.