Programme & Topics To Be Discussed

  • A Case For Transformation In South African Mining.
  • State Economic Management And Resource Ownership In An Era Of Globilisation: The Case Of China
  • Unpacking The Macro-Economic Impact Of The Super Tax On The Competitiveness Of Mining In Australia: The Case of Australia.
  • The Pros And Cons Of Resource Nationalism: The Case Of Venezuela.
  • Using Effective Resource Management And Technology Driven Industrial Strategies For Development: The Case Of Canada
  • Enhancing State Capacity To Leverage Resources Wealth For Sustained Economic Development: The Case Of Norway
  • A Cautionary Note On The Political And Social Costs Of A Lack Of Transformation- Insights From Zimbabwe: The Case Of Zimbabwe.
  • The Limits To And Opportunities For Accelerated Transformation In South Africa‚Äôs Mining Sector Through The Mining Charter.
  • Overview of the Mining Sector Progress in Transformation.
  • Nationalizing the Mines for Effective Transformation: Policy Tools And Requirements
  • Changing the Rules of the Mining Game Mid-Way: Scenarios and Implications for the South African Economy.
  • Prioritizing the Interests of Labour in Mining Sector Transformation.
  • A Rescue Package for Black Capital? Contesting Mine Nationalization from the Left.
  • Mine Ownership As The Catalyst For Transformation In South Africa's Mining Sector
  • Industrial Policy, Mining Benefication, And Increasing HDSA Participation In The South African Economy
  • Options For Strenghtening Participatory Rural Development - An Agenda For Public/Private Complementiary?

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Invited Speakers

Ms. Susan Shabangu, Professor De Kock , Mr.Julius Malema, Dr Charles Roche ,
Mr.Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente , Mr Joel Netshitenzhe , Mr. Duma Gqubule, Mr Buti Manamela,
Mr. Frans Baleni , Dr. Heinz Pley, Mr. Jeremy Cronin, Dr. Paul Jourdan, Mr. Jacinto Rocha,
Ms. Noluthando Langeni.